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Footscray CC “Harmony in Cricket” Initiative –

“Kids and Cops” T20 Match


This annual event, run in partnership with Les Twentyman’s “20th Man” organisation, has local police officers play a T20 match against local youth Les Twentyman’s organisation comes into contact with.

The objective of the initiative is to build relationships between local police and local youth, and use cricket as the community building vehicle to do so.

Footscray CC hosts the event and offers its primary ground to play the match. Footscray CC also uses its contacts to arrange for Police Association Secretary Greg Davies to umpire. The Club also arranges for food and drink to be donated by the charity “FareShare” (http://www.fareshare.net.au/) – who gather unused food from corporates and donate to the needy. Support was also donated by Footscray McDonald’s – who donated cap, cups and cordial + Time!

Footscray Committee and Officials run all aspects of the day – with ex-Vice-President Ken Stone pulling together all the corporate and personality support listed above and below, with Gav Mahoney running the BBQ and giveaways.

The youth team was captained by Merv Hughes, Australian Test Player and FCC Club Legend. Rodney Hogg also makes a cameo appearance for the youth team.

On the day, the police and youth play in mixed teams.  The matches are keenly contested but the community was the winner!

Footscray CC – Harmony in Cricket Initiative

“All-Abilities Cricket”

The Footscray CC (FCC) is thrilled to provide this summary of our “Harmony in Cricket” community engagement initiative – “All-Abilities Cricket”.

“All-Abilities Cricket” is a group auspiced by The Lord Taveners Cricket Association and operated by local personality Lorraine Woodman at the Action Indoor Sport Centre in Footscray. They play every Friday night during the year and compete in regionally based competitions in addition to weekly play. The group caters for players of all ages, genders and abilities/skills.

FCC invited local group “All-Abilities Cricket” to train at FCC on two separate nights – Monday October 29 and Monday December 10. Both nights, FCC was represented by the following people:

Monday October 29

  • Jeff Russ, Gav Mahoney and Suresh Allada (Committee), with Lyndsay Walker (parent) also involved.
  • Wes Robinson, Matthew Gudde, Adam Korsak and Andy McCammond represented FECC players.
    • All of the above Officials assisting with coaching the “All-Abilities Cricket” players – there were 24 players from “All-Abilities” in attendance, who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monday December 10

  • Jeff Russ, Gav Mahoney and Suresh Allada (Committee), Al Gumley (FCC Chairman of Selectors) with Lyndsay Walker (parent) also involved.
  • Tim Mahnoney, Rohit Alllada, Lucas Dredge, Michael Kelly, Robert Clements, Adam Korsak, Michael Collinson, Dean Russ and Nathan Beever represented FCC players.
    • All of the above Officials assisting with coaching the “All-Abilities Cricket” players – there were 30 players from “All-Abilities” in attendance, who thoroughly enjoyed it.
    • After training, FCC provided a fully catered BBQ to all “All-Abilities Cricket” players, supporters, families, officials. Over 50 people attended and enjoyed the occasion.

Further Engagements with All-Abilities

  • We have plans in place to have the “All-Abilities Cricket” group return to FCC later in the season, and train again with the possibility of a match on Merv Hughes Oval.